Cristiano Ronaldo: Violation? That thing Ordinary

Friday, February 11, 2011

Madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo is often violated by opposing players. As proof, he showed the bruises on her legs. But the Real Madrid goal machine said he was used to it.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who has the sharpness of the class bully. Although not a pure striker, but the 26-year player proved himself as a predator who always had a hunger to tear the opponent's goal.

In La Liga this season he has 24 goals and set off - with Barcelona star Lionel Messi as pemuncak list of top-scorer.

Overall, CR7 already posted 50 goals in La Liga so far this arena. The man managed to become the Portuguese passports Madrid player who scored 50 goals in the fewest number of matches, ahead of Los Blancos other legends such as Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskás.

In addition to sharpness, the actions of individuals Ronaldo is also often difficult for an opponent is guarding. In order to prevent the movement of ex-Manchester United's opponents were forced to prop.

Data from Soccernet showed that Ronaldo opponent violated 58 times from 22 appearances in the Champions league this season. As for last season, Ronaldo is violated 94 times from 29 times to play in the same competition.

Ronaldo himself admitted that the violations against him are common. "Look at my legs and bruises there. But for me, the offense is something normal. I do often get a challenge, but I tried not to respond," said CR7 as quoted by the official website of Madrid.

"I got up and continued playing mencoa. When I was little, I never had the experience of being violated here and there and I continue to rise and fight again because the opponent when it's bigger than me," he stated.

Ronaldo is not rare to protest the actions of her opponent. Such conditions inevitably make players born February 5, 1986 was often accused of provocative actions and trying to influence referees.

Ronaldo did not interfere with any presumption tilted to him. "I'm used to face an unpleasant situation. Indeed, sometimes I'm bothered by what people say to me, but things like that have become part of my life," he exclaimed.

"I kept fighting. I only listen when people said: 'The Portuguese players performed very well'. To be able to play well, I do not need people who annoy me."

"I always try to display the best in the field and trying to help my team win with goals from me, with a bait-bait and so on. I have always tried to be the best," he closed.

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