Where's your strength, Torres?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

London - Purchased with expensive price from Liverpool, Fernando Torres expected to appear shiny with Chelsea soared. But until two games, Torres has not strong's.

Torres digaet Chelsea at 50 million pounds, the price that makes it the most expensive player in Britain today. The reason for bringing Chelsea Torres clear, to increase their power knocked on the front lines.

After wearing Chelsea, Torres had two appearances since the beginning of the fight, which at the time against Liverpool and Fulham during a visit to the headquarters. Of the two games that, how many goals that were repeated Torres? Nil.

From the latest fight to face Fulham, Torres was not able to show the 'price'. Playing for 71 minutes before being replaced Didier Drogba, Torres did pretty much endanger Mark Schwarzer's goal.

"He learned to play with the team and he was far better than against Liverpool," defended Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti, regarding Torres on BBC Sports.

Ancelotti also dismissed speculation that Torres was not fit paired with Drogba, who had already established as a major player at the same time the Blues goal machine.

"I pulled him so that I can maximize the speed and power Didier Drogba, 'said he.
"They can play together, but in some games we should maximize the width of the field as well as we did in the second half of this match,"said Ancelotti.

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