Futsal Ball Rules

Friday, February 4, 2011


The ball must:

* Shaped round.
* Made of leather or other materials.
* Minimum and maximum diameter of 62 cm 64 cm.
* Weight ball when the game started a minimum of 400 grams and 440 grams maximum.
* The pressure equal to 0.4 to 0.6 atmosphere (400-600 g / cm ³).

If broken or damaged ball in a game:

* The match was stopped temporarily.
* The match is restarted by dropping the replacement ball at the place where the first ball was damaged.

If the ball becomes broken or damaged when the ball is not in the game when the game starts, the goal kicks, corner kicks, free kicks, penalty kicks or kick into:

* The game starts again in accordance with normal rules.
* The ball can not be replaced during the game without permission from the referee.

Laken ball from leather / fur (Felt ball) is not allowed.
Bouncing ball is not allowed less than 55 cm and should not be more than 65 cm on the first bounce when dropped from a height of 2 m. In a game or competition, only balls that meet the minimum technical requirements set forth in Rule No. 2 is allowed to be used.
In a game or competition of FIFA and other games under the supervision of the confederation, use Futsal ball depending on the requirements of the three logos on the ball:
Logo official "FIFA APPROVED" or "FIFA INSPECTED" or reference "International Match Ball Standard"
Logo printed on the ball that the ball has been tested officially and in accordance with technical requirements, each with different categories of specifications set forth in Rule No. 2, a list of additional requirements specified in each category issued by FIFA. Institution designated by FIFA who will conduct the test.
National Association to approve the use of ball that will be used for the competition itself or the entire competition that was held, the ball used must satisfy one of three requirements that have been determined from Rule No.2
If the national association to allow the use of balls bearing the "FIFA APPROVED" or "FIFA INSPECTED" for the competition itself, the national association must also allow the use of a ball that holds a royalty-free design "Matchball International Standard".
In FIFA competition and other competitions under the supervision of confederations and national associations, are not allowed any form of commercial advertising printed on the ball, except for plaques of competition, competition organizers and manufacturers' trademarks by limiting the size and number of these signs.
These rules are quoted from the FIFA Futsal Law Of The Game 2006

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