Week No Fun for Lionel Messi

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Barcelona - Lionel Messi arguably had just run the two games are "not nice". Might it be completed by this weekend, when Barcelona face Athletic Bilbao?

The first match is at the end of last week, where Barca held 1-1 draw by Sporting Gijon. These results break the chain of 16 victories in a row that they had collected since October 2010.

The next match is when facing Arsenal in the Champions League midweek this. Messi continued poor record on English soil, which failed to make a goal in seven games there. Even worse, Barca lost 1-2 in the game.

But no record "unusual" others who went to Massey. As reported by the official website of Barcelona, this is the first time this season, Messi did not score a goal in two consecutive games he played for 90 minutes.

How to fight Bilbao this weekend? Pressure against Messi, given that he is most wary of players at Barca, there must be. Scored a goal or not, it depends on Argentine star itself.

"He always had someone who stood beside her, someone gave it Dachshund. Always make it difficult for you when there are players who were under pressure, 'said the Arsenal defender, Johan Djourou, in The Sun.

However, it does not mean Messi easily turned off. Djourou admitted this. In fact, so difficult to keep Messi, he got respect and admiration.

"It's amazing to play against him. For the defender, this is the opportunity to try out the ability to face the best."

"Playing against a player who can make the difference is astounding," he said.

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