Mascherano Criticism Arsenal

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Barcelona - Arsenal are not satisfied with the leadership of the referee when they defeated Barcelona. The attitude of the Gunners are strong enough to get a reaction from Javier Mascherano.

Barcelona to get rid of Arsenal after picking the 3-1 victory (aggregate 4-3) in the second leg at Camp Nou. In the game, Arsenal had to play with 10 men since the beginning of the second half after Robin Van Persie received a second yellow card.

This decision was then angered Arsenal camp. Both Van Persie and Arsene Wenger has openly expressed dissatisfaction with the referee, who led the fight.

As a result of criticism of the referee that Arsenal also accept the consequences. Samir Nasri and Wenger UEFA indicted on charges of inappropriate language issue when the referee expelled Van Persie.

"Barca always win thanks to the referee, not because his game, not because they scored 19 shots, not because the ball as much as 74 percent or 900 completed the pass," Mascherano said sarcastically quoted Yahoosports.

"Let's not be hypocrites. We do not let them breathe and that's the key. We play a style of Barca and that is why we can go," said former Liverpool player.

Mascherano assess risk has become a great team is always expected to fall. So it is with Barcelona.

"When a team win and play well the people want them to fail and Barcelona is no exception. It happened to Spain in the World Cup when they beat Switzerland in the first fight, the people must be very happy," he continued.

"We do not care what people say," said Mascherano.

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