Cavani: Scudetto Napoli Can Too

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naples - the biggest opportunities exist in the snatch scudetto while AC Milan and Inter Milan. But do not forget also the Naples who have as much chance to be the best this season.

Milan still lead the standings with 63 points, just three points ahead of Inter in second place. Serie A itself still leaves eight games.

So many are calling the two teams meeting on 3 April next Milan derby will be a determination of who is leading towards the track championship.

But Naples is ranked by the difference only four points and still have a great opportunity to become champions. Moreover, Walter Mazzarri squad is just concentrating on the Italian League.

So desperate to win the scudetto is still soaring high in the chest of the players Il Partenopei. They believe success in 1987 and 1990 could be repeated because the achievement of Naples like this season will be difficult to repeat.

2010/2011 season will be the best achievement of Naples in the last two decades.

"Cavani believe will scudetto. Napoli will have to have confidence that. The season like this will not happen," said agent Edinson Cavani, Claudio Anellucci told Radio Mana Mana reported by the Italian Football.

"Walter Mazzarri really appreciate Cavani. All the players believe in the scudetto, together with Edinson," he continued.

Besides talking about the scudetto, Anellucci, also participated speak about the future of the Uruguayan striker in Naples. Madrid's interest in the striker's 23-year as rumors because if this season is the last time Cavani settle in Italy.

"Jose Mourinho really respect the Cavani of Palermo and during normal if Edinson feel flattered. But I emphasize if my client's future is in Naples," due diligence.
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