Real MAdrid Sponsored by Dua Kelinci from indonesia

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Madrid - For the next two years Real Madrid will probably attract more fans from the region of Indonesia, after a snack food company PT Two Rabbits formed a partnership with Los Merengues.

Deal between D, and Madrid is already implemented in August 2010 and then, but not many Indonesian people especially Madridista knows. In the event that was held in Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid was represented by Gestion de Derechos Perianez Jose Angel Sanchez and Manuel Redondo.

Meanwhile, Dua Kelinci comes directly from the President Director Mr. Hadi Sutiono. Dua Kelinci will be the official sponsor for Real Madrid in the area of Indonesia which means that in each of Los Blancos in Indonesia, Dua Kelinci will always be involved.

Promotion was immediately made two rabbits through her twitter account @ duakelinci to organize events related to football. The first event held was Indonesia Dribbling Ball.

The event will begin in Jakarta, January 29, February 27 Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, March 27 and April 17. On January 30, mentioned the former Real Madrid star Luis Figo is planned to be present in the capital.

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