Ancelotti: I'm Feeling Lucky Not Fired

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Futsals.Blogspot.Com London - Only won one victory in eight games last obviously not a good record for Chelsea. Carlo Ancelotti admits, he was pretty lucky to still be manager of the Blues so far.

The only victory that meant was when they beat Bolton Wanderers 1-0 on 29 December. While the remaining seven other games ended with a record of three defeats and four draws. Finally 'The Blue' on hold 3-3 by Aston Villa.

See note these muddy, Ancelotti was aware that he was quite lucky. Had it happened in the Italian League, the man who never menukangi AC Milan was called that he would have been fired.

"I am a lucky person. I know many coaches get fired because of results like this," he said as reported by ESPN Star.

But Ancelotti refused to be assessed at this time. He prefers to be judged when the season is over later.

"When you go to a restaurant, you have to pay when it was spending his food."

"Same here also. We have to pay the bill when the season is over. Ultimately the club will be able to judge me," he said.

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