PSSI argues Regulation, Observer Ignore Request Only

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jakarta - PSSI use laws and statutes to defend their beliefs. But in order to save football, if necessary, the law was amended by the government.

Two held rules relating PSSI will bergulirnya new competition named the Premier League Indonesia (LPI), which from the outset they deem illegal. In addition to statutes that had been tightly held by the PSSI, they refer to one of the articles in Law No. 3 of 2005 on the National Sport System (Siskornas).

In Article 51 of Chapter IX, paragraph two (2) stated that the organization of sporting competition that brings a direct mass audience must get a recommendation from the parent organization of the relevant sports and meet legislation.

Of the two rules that PSSI repeatedly asserted that LPI not they admit and therefore illegal.

"PSSI regrets, regrets and certainly did not acknowledge the existence of an activity or a football competition held outside of PSSI, as a single forum for the official soccer organization in Indonesia," he reminded again by PSSI General Secretary Nugraha Besoes told reporters at his office on Monday (3 / 1 / 2011).

In response, the observer football Anton Sanjaya ask people to ignore any pretext used by PSSI. "We firmly alone. Yet they also never listen to us so far," he said as published on detiksport.

Regarding the Law on Siskornas, Anton rate it can still be changed.

"Law can only be run under normal circumstances. But our present state of football is not normal. So we ignore it. If I need to amend it. We can mobilize people power to ask the House of Assembly to make changes to the articles used PSSI to justify it, "he said.

"What should be noted is, football belongs to the people, not have the PSSI," Anton continued. "If the statute, we really do not believe in it, because they (PSSI) also use double standard really. Come on, we ignore it."

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