Indonesia; Profile Club LPI (2)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Indonesia; Profile Club LPI (2) Jakarta - Medan city once had two clubs in the Champions League Indonesia (LPI) that will soon be rolling. The following is a brief profile of the clubs new competition participants:

PSM Makassar
Coach: Michael Feichtenbeiner (Germany)
Stadium: Andi Mattalata, Makassar (capacity 20,000)

PSM is one of the legendary club in South Sulawesi, Indonesia from the ground. Known for its high public interest towards football, the city of Makassar, a strategic place to build a better Indonesia football.

Manado United
Coach: Mohammed Al-Hadad
Stadium: Water Quality, Manado (capacity 20,000)

Manado United is a football club that has long stood in Manado. People in Manado itself is very look forward to welcoming and always support the football club that can excel from its territory. Focus Manado United is developing local players. Reinforced by former players as well as the presence of players mainstay Persma Amaral, Galway Untied ready to excel in the Indonesian Premier League season on January 8, 2011.

Field Stars
Coach: Rene Van Eck (Netherlands)
Stadium: Exemplary, Field (capacity 20,000)

Football is a very loved sport community yanga Medan, where a number of football clubs chance at achievement in national and international arena. Is a field star, a new club which has the support of elements, the ambitious lifting and raising achievement of Medan.

Medan Chiefs
Coach: Steinebruner Jorg (Germany)
Stadium: Exemplary, Field (capacity 20,000)

Medan Chiefs football club was born from the spirit of Pro Titan, which is already no longer rely on budget. Titan has long pro wrestling in the national football arena as an independent club. The spirit of struggle of Medan football club will be developed through Medang Chiefs.

Coach: Aji Santoso
Stadium: Gelora 10 November, Tambaksari, Surabaya (capacity 35,000)

Persebaya has a long history in national persebakbolaan Indonesia. The club had won gemlilang achievement when the clubs United and Galatama united in Liga Indonesia (1994) and won championships in 1997 and 2005. Now, Persebaya turn a new page to notch performance in the Premier League Indonesia.

Coach: Timo Scheuneman (Germany)
Stadium: Gajayana, Malang (capacity 30,000)

Persema has a vision to promote Indonesian football. thanks to the vision tersebutlah, Persema choose to join the Premier League Indonesia. Currently Persema has had a very tough team and have a great chance in the Premier League scene Indonesia.

Coach: Anwar Sartono
Stadium: Lt. Gen. Sudirman Haji, Bojonegoro (capacity 15,000)

Tim "Angling Dharma Army" stood on March 12, 1949 and is a champion of the Main Division season 2009-2010. With these achievements, the club is ready to nick the new history sheet in the Premier League Indonesia.

Real Mataram
Palatih: Jose Basualdo (Argentina)
Stadium: Maguwoharjo, Yogyakarta (capacity 30,000)

Passion Yogyakarta football club again shines with the presence of Royal Mataram. Name Royal Mataram will represent the spirit and power of Mataram Kingdom which had great support from the people of Yogyakarta. Armed with experienced players, this club is one of the strongest with mengatongi two victories.

Semarang United
Coach: Edy Paryono
Stadium: Identity, Semarang (capacity 25,000)

Club based in Semarang, Central Java, is intentionally prepared specially for Indonesia following the Premier League. The club was initiated by a novel Al-Bakri was received outside support from the football community of Semarang. with marquee player Amancio Fortes, Semarang United will menajdi one of the most disegang clubs in the Premier League scene Indonesia.

Wolves FC
Coach: Paulo Camargo (Brazil)
Stadium: Fortress (Capacity 25,000)

The spirit of football supporters in Tangerang not be doubted. The presence of FC United in the industrial city is expected to increase the stretching and the spirit of local football. Led by a coach who would observant young talents, the club is sure to gain a place in Indonesian football lovers silently.

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