Intermilan Kaka or Ronaldinho Not Interested

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Milan - Inter Milan claimed that it was not interested to bring in Kaka and Ronaldinho. Also confirmed that they will not be shopping in the transfer market this winter.

Recent rumors linking Inter with two Brazilian soccer star increasingly tightening. Kaka appearance that never make it shine at Real Madrid's bustling rumored to be returning to Italy.

Meanwhile, Ronaldinho appeared to be no longer needed AC Milan. World's two best players this was mentioned was heading for the exit before the San Siro since his contract that will expire no clarity yet to be extended.

But the stronghold of La Beneamata firmly denied the rumors. Through its director Marco Branca, Inter asserted is not interested to recruit Kaka and Dinho saying that they will spend the summer.

"We never consider recruiting Kaka. We never considered this matter seriously," said Branca cited Football-Italy.

"The rumors lately mention we also want Ronaldinho, it's just the way newspapers to fulfill their pages rather than comprehension as fact. Indeed, thinking about Ronaldinho did not exist in our minds," lugasnya.

Another case with Alexis Sanchez, Branca did not deny if it was interested to Udinese players that hook.

"It is true we are interested in him but not just us, many other teams who are interested,"added Branca.

"Moreover, we transfer the strategy began in June (summer) and for now we will survive (with the squad) that exist.

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