Manchester United Wait for Condition Three Players to Face Liverpool

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Manchester - Manchester United could not relax. After winning opponents Stoke, Liverpool has been waiting for the opponent party in spite of the condition of three players to make Sir Alex Ferguson worried.

Manchester United will face Liverpool in the FA Cup third round at the weekend. 'The Red' probably not okay in the middle of the league, but insist they will undoubtedly appear in the prestige duel full.

Bad luck for Manchester United, the three central pillars players doubtful. Rio Ferdinand, Edwin van Der Sar and Wayne Rooney still has not been established could appear. All three are absent even when MU's 2-1 win over Stoke City in the Premier League continued on Wednesday (5/1/2010) pm dawn.

"All three are quite disturbing," I'm Fergie the MU site.

"We hope to prepare at least two of them to appear on Sunday,"continued the manager of Manchester United's Scottish.

For a central defender position Fergie could at least breathe a little relieved even if Ferdinand could not fit to face Liverpool later. Chris Smailing appearance problem, which for the first time appeared as a starter in the league, quite satisfactory. Moreover, there is an increasingly tough Jonny Evans.

"He was incredible, he appeared very good and (also available) Jonny Evans who performed well in training."

"Last season Jonny undergoing a fantastic season and he began to return to formnya. His appearance at practice has been remarkable in recent weeks. I've got two great talents," said Fergie.

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