Mancini Predict the Resurrection Chelsea

Friday, January 21, 2011

Manchester - Chelsea catastrophy, now experienced will not soon end. Roberto Mancini believes that the Blues will rise again enliven competition and won the Premier League.

Very powerful in the beginning of the season and bertahkan on top of the standings, Chelsea performance dropped drastically in at least three months. John Terry et al swallow a series of bad results and never pick the two winning streak since late October 2010.

"The Blue" from the city of London and even then are now in fourth place standings. There is a gap of seven points that differentiate them with Manchester United on top of the standings, but the Red Devils still have one more game remaining.

Although the show is very disappointing, Chelsea believed would be bagkit again this season. Protégé Carlo Ancelotti could come even predicted would compete for the title. Thus belief Manchester City coach, Roberto Mancini.

"Chelsea will be back. Maybe this time Manchester United became a better team than them, but they have a problem with a lot of players get injured. When they get back to his team, they will have a great team," Mancini said in Sportinglife.

Carletto is confused with the many injuries that struck his squad throughout the season. Alternately John Terry, Frank Lampard, Yossi Benayoun, Michael Essien, Alex and Jose Bosingwa.

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